Wintima Corporation Sdn Bhd
5, Jalan 1/2A,
Seksyen 1,
43650 Bandar Baru Bangi,
Selangor, Malaysia.
+603-8926 3882
+603-8926 5882

About Us

Wintima Corporation Sdn. Bhd was incorporated in 2003 with the objective of becoming the region market leader in Environmental Technology Engineering. Wintima Corporation is the producer of "BioWIN - Effective Microbe" and "Activated Carbon" which have received the "Pioneer Status" scheme from MIDA.

Our team of experts has collaborated successfully with several local university in developing a number of treatment and recovery systems based on biotechnology findings. These systems could be implemented in sectors such as landfills, waste transfer stations, food waste generated premises, textile industries, sewerage treatment plants, river and pond rehabilitation, etc. These specialized systems are able to comply with the international and DOE standards for discharge of effluent and treating waste water.

Wintima has developed and market the 1st local 3-in-1 gross pollutant trap since 2008 for sediments, rubbished and grease with integrated protection from storm water flushing. Wintima puts the customer satisfaction a strategic target in its business through developing and updating the technology and products according to the refine, latest technology worldwide and has been working closely with a few world renowned company such as:

1. Comp-Any, Germany - Composting and Biological Drying solutions used in treatment of Municipal solid waste and for Renewal Energy production.

2. Etec, Columbia - Innovation and Technology in Flood Control and Irrigation Water Management

Wintima is devoted to collaborate with local and international organizations and experts to fulfill the expectations of quality performance and project consultation. Through customizing the customer requirements, Wintima is driven to extend its mission to involve Malaysian experts as well as suitable resources to assists in attaining best standardization mechanism of environmental practice in Malaysia.

Some of these systems have been successfully implemented by the Ministry of Housing and Local Councils (MHLC) and endorsed by Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) and Integrated River Basin Management (IRBM).

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